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The Face of Caring: Heather Vickerman and Bear

Health Unit Coordinator Heather Vickerman is the first person you’ll see when you come through the door at Cassia’s Haven Homes in Maple Plain. In addition to welcoming people to the community, Heathe… View article »

The Cassia Life: Exercise Strengthens The Brain, Too

The Cassia Life By Jesse Watkins, Cassia’s own resident blogger The newspaper headline seemed to jump up from the page.  Apparently my 20-minute workouts have not been just beefing up my heart muscle… View article »

The Challenges of Time

By Patty Crawford When I walked into the Manor to visit my father, he looked years older than when I visited two weeks before. He was leaning to the left and his eyes were sleepy.  He recognized my v… View article »

The Cassia Life: The Many Upsides of Moving to a Senior Living Community

The Cassia Life By Jesse Watkins, Cassia’s own resident blogger The world at large probably wonders why many seniors choose to stay in their own home as long as possible rather than move to a care ce… View article »

The Face of Caring: Noah Braafhart

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Noah Braafhart began working at Cassia’s Newton Village community six months ago after being recruited from a CNA class at the local high school. According to Assista… View article »

Castle Peak


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